Manolis is a male name commonly found in Greece; it derives from the name Emmanouil, which comes from the Hebrew word Immanuel meaning ” God is with us”. This used to be the foretold name of the Messiah in the Old Testament. It has been used in England since the 16th century in the spellings Emmanuel and Immanuel. It has become quite common name for the Greek Orthodox Church. The name Manolis is especially common in Crete – in all its versions and diminutives.

manolis greek nameSound of name Manolis: Ma-no’-lis

Female Version of name Manolis: Emmanouella

Nameday of Manolis: 26th of December

Origins of name Manolis

Manolis comes as we said from the name Emmanouil or Emmanouel in Latin. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Manolis and Emmanouel one day after the Western day of Christmas, on the 26th of December. The official explanation for choosing that day is that the name is mentioned by Isaiah and Mathew in their epistles – when Isaiah refers to the birth of the “child” he mentions the name Emmanouel (Immanou el) referring to the God coming to people. Mathew refers to the word Emmanouel and says that the word of the Scripts came true with the birth of Christ, which means that God is now with people.

Nicknames Deriving from Name Manolis

Some common nicknames that derive from the name Emmanouil, except for Manolis, are: Manos, Manousos, Manousakis, Manolios, Manolas, Manolakis, Manousaki, Manouil

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Manolis

Manolis is a dreamer and his mood changes easily; Manolis is prone to sudden changes from anger to happiness and vice versa. When he likes someone he can be very open and talkative, but also very introverted when not in a mood to communicate. He likes having fun and spending a lot of money on things he likes.

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  1. My maiden name was Manolis,my grandparents were born and raised in Greka. Anyone else have relatives from there?


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