Manousos or Manoussos

Manousos or Manoussos is a male Greek name deriving from the name Manolis or Emmanouil, as is the full version of this given name. Manousos is a typical Cretan diminutive; if you meet a man named Manousos he is 99% from the Greek island of Crete.

greek name ManousosSound of name Manousos: Ma-nou-ssos

Female Version of name Manousos: Emmanouella ( from the name Emmanouil)

Nameday of name Manousos: 26th of December

Origins of name Manousos or Manoussos

Manousos derives as mentioned  from the name Emmanouil or Emmanouel in Latin. You can read the pertinent information on name Emmanouil at the post for its main diminutive, the name Manolis.

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