Marinos is a male name commonly found in the islands of the Northern Aegean. Opposite from its female respective, name Marinos is not common in other languages. Marinos comes from the Latin word “mare” and it refers to the “one that comes from the sea”.

marinosSound of name Marinos: Ma-ri’-nos

Female version of name Marinos: Marina

Nameday of name Marinos:
July 17th

Origin of name Marinos – Agia Marina (St. Marina)

Name Marinos is the male respective name of Marina, included in the Greek Orthodox Calendar due to Agia Marina, or St Marina in English, a woman from Antiochia who lived during the time of Claudius. For additional information on Agia Marina and the origin of name Marinos, you can read the post for Marina

Nicknames deriving from name Marinos

Marinos doesn’t have any nicknames or diminutives.It is used in its full form.

The name’s fairy reveals the meaning of name Marinos

Marinos is a positive and friendly person, practical and smart in the way he deals with things in his life . Although social, he can be quite afraid of feelings and he is an insecure person. He can be quite jealous if provoked.

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