Markos is a male name that has been used in Greece since the early Christian years.

Markos was not known during the ancient years, because it is a Latin based name, deriving from the Latin word “marceo” which means to dry out.

Markos is the Greek version of the name Mark or Marcus in Latin.

male greek name markos

Sound of name Markos: Má-rkos

Female Version of name Markos: Markia (not in use)

Nameday of Markos: April 25th

Origin of name Markos – Agios Markos (St Markos, the apostle)

Markos was one of the Apostles and the author of the second Gospel in the New Testament.

He was the right hand of St Peter, helping him to teach everything he believed about the new Christian religion and their experience with Jesus.

Church Traditions state that Mary, St. Markos’ mother, was an admirer of Jesus and followed Him everywhere and that Markos himself was one of the attendants, who served at the feast in Cana of Galilee when Jesus Christ turned the waster into wine.

The Apostle Markos was the founder of Christianity in Egypt or in Alexandria at least. He went to Alexandria approximately at 48 AD.

According to the tradition, he martyred in Alexandria in 68AD and he died there. Later on, at 868AD his relics where stolen by two Venetian merchants and where brought to Venice. St Mark’s Basilica was built to house these relics.

Saint Markos (Agios Markos in Greek) is the patron saint of Venice and his nameday is celebrated on April 24th.

Nicknames deriving from name Markos

Markos does not have many nicknames or diminutives. The only ones known are Markis, Makros, Markias

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Markos

Markos is a sensitive man who wants to protect those he considers to be weak. He can be easily offended and he likes nightlife a lot.

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