Menelaos is a Greek male name, quite popular in the ancient years.

The most known man bearing the ancient Greek name Menelaos was the king of Sparta, husband of Helen of Troy, who was the main reason for the Trojan War.

The name Menelaos meant “withstanding the people”, derived from μενω (meno) “to last, to withstand” andλαος (laos) “the people”.

male greek name menelaos

Sound of name Menelaos: Me-né- la-os

Female Version of name Menelaos: N/A

Nameday of Menelaos: July 22nd

Origin of name Menelaos – Osios Menelaos (Blessed Menelaos)

Name Menelaos is an ancient Greek name but it was included in the Greek Orthodox Calendar due to a man named Menelaos, who was born in France and lived in Greece and Italy.

Menelaos wanted to adopt the Christian religion but his father insisted that his son would follow the family tradition and would marry a princess – since the family was of a high social status.  Menelaos replied that he would not marry and took 2 loyal friends and left the French city and their home and went to Greece, to the monastery of St. Menas.

Menelaos and his friends started having a rather huge contribution to the local community helping many people survive; for this reason their reputation brought many people to the monastery seeking for Menelaos’ help.

It was said that Menelaos performed many miracles and the Church declared him Blessed, celebrating his memory and nameday on July 22nd.

Nicknames deriving from name Menelaos

As an Ancient Greek name, Menelaos doesn’t have nicknames and diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Menelaos

Menelaos is a rather possessive man, who tends to insult people with his egocentric behavior. He can be very likable and social, when he likes his entourage.

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