Michail is a common male Greek name, whose roots are actually Hebrew. Michail is a Hebrew name which means “connected to God” or “resembling to God”. The name Michail is found both in the Greek mainland and the islands. Its most common nickname is name Michalis or Mihalis.

greek name michailSound of name Michail: Mee-ha-eél

Female Version of name Michail: Michaella

Nameday of name Michail: November 8th

Origin of Name Michail – Archangel Michael

The Greek name Michail refers to the Archangels Gabriel and Michael and that is why the name day for Michail is on November 8th when  the Greek Orthodox church celebrates the assembly of the Archangels and all other bodiless Angel orders. You can find additional information about the name Michail, its origins and diminutives at the pertinent post for the name Michalis.

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