Nektarios is a male name in Greece, which has been in use since the Christian years. Although its etymology refers to the word νέκταρ (néktar, an ancient Greek word similar to ambrosia, the food of Olympian Gods), the name Nektarios was never used in ancient Greece.

Nektar is supposed to be the sweet liquid in flowers, therefore, the name Nektarios means the sweet man.

Sound of name Nektarios: Ne-ktá-ree-os

Female Version of name Nektarios: Nektaria

Nameday of Nektarios: November 9th

Origin of name Nektarios – Agios Nektarios (St Nektarios)

The name Nektarios refers to Agios (St.) Nektarios who lived on the island of Aigina in Greece from 1846-1920 AD.

Nektarios Kefalas, as his full name was, was a very known miracle worker and a devoted hierarchic figure who helped numerous people on his island and other places where he lived and worked.

Nektarios worked in Constantinople, Alexandria and the Athenian Theological School, before returning to Aigina in 1908, where he became a monk.

During these years in Aigina, St Nektarios performed many miracles and helped numerous people overcome their problems. This is why he became so popular and beloved among people of the island, who were visiting him with pictures of the people who needed to be healed from sicknesses and health problems.

The nameday of Nektarios is celebrated on November 9.

Nicknames deriving from name Nektarios

Nektarios doesn’t feature many nicknames and diminutives. The most common ones are Nektaris and Aris.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Nektarios

Nektarios is a very calm and patient man. He is a soft speaking person who is sensitive and loves the art. He is very fond of the arts and painting.

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  1. Nektarakis is the childs’ “Fondness” form, when you have a young kid, he or she would be called:
    Nektarakis – Male
    Nektaroula – Female
    of which for the girls, they can be called Ria and Roula.
    Αnother Nickname is “Akis” from Nektarios -> Nektarakis -> Akis

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