Niki or Nike

Niki or Nike is a female Greek name, the respective female name of name Nikos. In Greek, Nike means victory and it was the name of the flying deity that brought the victory or news for victorious events to people. The full version of the name is Nikoletta.

nikiSound of name Niki: Nee’-kee

Male version of name Niki: Nikos

Nameday of name Niki: December 6th

Origin of name Niki

Except for the obvious origin of the word Niki, as a name, Niki is associated with Agios Nikolaos, Saint Nicholas, the protector of sailors. The analytical information about Saint Nicholas, can be found in the pertinent post about name Nikos.

Nicknames deriving from the name Niki

Name Niki comes from the name Nikoletta, and is its most common nickname. Other nicknames and diminutives used are: Nikol, Nicol, Nikolina, Nikaki

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Niki

Niki is quite sensitive and introverted, and she can be easily hurt by comments although she is always trying to protect others as well. Despite being introverted she is usually in good terms with everyone and she tries to satisfy people and please everyone in family and work environment.

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  1. The name’s day for Niki is also celebrated on April 16th.
    St. Niki was one of seven virgins martyred with St. Leonidas of Troezen in Corinth during the 4th century for refusing to renounce Christianity.

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