Orestis is a Greek male name that comes from the Greek Mythology and History. Although it was not a very common name in the past, Greeks tend to give more ancient Greek names to their children today, and Orestis is a very beloved name, commonly used in urban centers and the islands of the Aegean Sea. Orestis comes from the ancient Greek words “oros” (mountain) and “istamai” (standing) and , thus, refers to hill folks, or to “he who stands on the mountains”.

OrestisSound of Name Orestis: O-re’-stis

Female Version of Name Orestis: Orestiada

Nameday of name Orestis: November 10th

Origin of name Orestis

The name Orestis refers mostly to the historical figure Orestis, son of Agamemnon king of Mycenae and Clytemnestra. The family of Agamemnon and the numerous stories associated with it have been used by many artists, poets and painters throughout history. Orestis was a noble man, a prince, but he is mostly known as a killer of his mother, Clytemnestra, who had an affair with Aegisthus, while Agamemnon and the Greeks were at Troy, fighting the Trojan War.

Orestis is the main character in many ancient Greek tragedies, written mostly by Sophocles and Euripides. Oresteia by Euripides is a tragedy bearing the character’s name.

Nicknames deriving from name Orestis

Finding a nickname from name Orestis is rare, if non existing at all. All boys bearing the name Orestis are traditionally called this way. In Cyprus though, there is the name Arestis, considered to be an alternative version of name Orestis. Orestis can also be spelled “Orestes”.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Orestis

Orestis is simple and modest, quite beloved by his family, friends and entourage. He always tries to avoid quarrels and fights and he is looking at solving people’s problems. Sometimes he neglects himself, or undermines his abilities.

7 thoughts on “Orestis”

  1. A good nickname if any would be Rusty. My dad’s name is Orestes and when he was growing up, kids made fun of his name so the family started calling him Reste or Restes and then it slowly turned into Rusty.
    If I ever have a boy he will definitely have the name Orestes. Such history in my family!

  2. as i was waking up from a sleep i heard the words “oresti peric” there were other words but i cant remember . it is not normal for me to hear things and i have never been to greece or heard the name. any info on the peric part would be appreciated.

  3. hi,
    when i read the history of the name it seems to me that agammenon’s son is always spelt orestes but that an uncle of philip I of macedon is always spelt orestis (hence argos orestikon in macedonia). this would give two quite separate origins for the same name – am i incorrect ?
    thankyou for your opinion

    • I think that it’s all about spelling. The romanization of Greek language and names is not directed by particular rules and guidelines. some people suggest that “greeklish” should reflect the Greek spelling in latin alphabet, others think that it’s all about the sound. Both Orestis and Orestes are the same in English, it’s just different spelling. We chose to write Orestis because it’s closer to the Greek spelling. But i will look for the uncle of Philip, because that’s an interesting hint. Thanks!

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