Panos is a common male Greek name, which derives from the name Panagiotis. It used to be very popular among younger guys in the past, but since many men and women tend to keep the full given name today, Panos has lost its popularity. Still, though, it can be used to call a man named Panagiotis in a tender and little playful way.

male greek name panosSound of name Panos: Pá-nos

Female Version of name Panos: Panagiota (respective of Panagiotis)

Nameday of name Panos: August 15th

Origin of name Panos – Panagia (Virgin Mary)

As mentioned, Panos is a nickname deriving from the name Panagiotis, therefore it also comes from an epithet massively used in Greece in reference to Virgin Mary, Panagia. You can read additional details and information at the pertinent post for the name Panagiotis.

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