Pavlos is a male name for Greek people, although Pavlos is actually a Roman name, originating from the latin word Paulus, which means humble. The name today is used to commemorate Apostle Paul – Pavlos is the Greek respective of Paul.

name pavlosSound of name Pavlos: Pa’-vlos

Female Version of name Pavlos: Pavlina

Nameday of name Pavlos: June 29th

Origins of name Pavlos – Apostle Paul

Pavlos is a very important name for the Greek Orthodox Church, because it refers to Apostolos Pavlos (Apostle Paul), the important leader of the early Christian Church. The story of Apostle Paul is described in details in the Acts of the New Testament. The larger number of epistles in the New Testament are authored by Paul.

His name was Saul, but when he became a follower of Christ and a Christian himself, he changed his name to Paul. Although during the years of Christ Paul was not much different from any other Apostle in terms of actions, after the Crucifixion, Paul decided to spread the word of Christ and God and he traveled in many places on earth preaching. This is why he is considered the Apostle of the Nations.

Apostle Paul is a vital personality for the Greek Orthodox Church, because the Orthodox dogma is based on the preaching of Paul – while the Catholics follow the preaching of Apostle Peter. In any case, though Paul is a significant person for Christianity, but also quite interesting for those intrigued by the dark side of several events. According to many sources, Paul was actually the first person who “disagreed” with the preaching of the contemporary Christians, providing his own view and theory on the religion.

Due to the popularity of St.Paul, the name became popular among the Christians and especially the Greeks, who have been naming many children with the name Pavlos or Pavlina in the female form.

Nicknames deriving from name Pavlos

Pavlos doesn’t have many nicknames; the most known ones are Paul, Pavlikos and Poulikos, with the last two mostly common in the rural areas of Greece.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Pavlos

Pavlos is a quiet person and dislikes fights and arguments. He is very organized and look self restrained, but the truth is that he is quite spontaneous, especially when he wants something a lot.

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