Petros is a very common Greek male name; it comes from the Aramaic and ancient Greek language and it refers to the word “petra” that means rock. Petros is the Greek version of name Peter and it is mostly known due to Apostle Peter.

petrosSound of Name Petros: Pe’-tros

Female Version of Name Petros: Petrina, Petroula

Nameday of name Petros: June 29th

Origin of name Petros – Apostle Peter

Name Petros does exist from the antiquity but it was a not very common name; it became more common after the expansion of the Christian religion.

Apostle Peter (Apostolos Petros) was one of the most beloved students and followers of Christ and the one who was forced to deny him three times after his crucifixion (Denial of Peter).

There is little information about Peter after the crucifixion though and they cannot be chronologically verified. It is known that both he and Apostle John were imprisoned due to their preaching and that they both managed to escape.

Peter was mostly teaching to Jews in Palestine and other countries of Asia. Peter went to Rome, founded the Holy Cathedral found today at the Vatican (the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican) and he died in 64AD at the Hippodrome suffering from tortures ordered by Emperor Nero. His grave is supposed to be situtated underneath the Basilica of St Peter in Rome. Apostle Peter is honored by the Roman Catholic Church and his dogma is followed by Catholics, although he is honored also but the Greek Orthodox Church.

Nicknames of name Petros

Petros doesn’t have many nicknames; the most commonly used ones are: Petris, Petrakis, Petrakos, Petras, Petran.

The name’s fairy reveals the meaning of the name Petros

Petros is very dogmatic and serious; he tries to behave bravely at all times, but in fact he is trying to avoid dangers from the beginning. His biggest weakness is that he takes everything too seriously.

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  1. I love studying Greek names and meanings especially biblical ones. So this cite excites me very much, for I like to know things, names and words in their originality. Thanks indeed for doing this meaning.

  2. My aunt married a Baltazar Petros. We’re all Latinos, so how would Petros be Greek and not Spanish surname?

  3. Members of my family have lived in Petros, TN. for 6 generations. I’m proud of the name of the town; in reference to St. Peter and “the rock”. My Mother was given the name Aurellia; a Greek name. My grandfather was a historian, so I suspect there is some connection between my family and Greece, but I don’t have any documentation from the past. Hope that someday I can find the time and the means to research the connection.

  4. My name is Petros! I am an Ethiopian young man who lives in Houston,Texas!
    I was given this name because I was born & grew up in Christian family! The female version of the name Petros is Petrine and God willing, when I marry & get daughter in the future, I will give her this the name Petrine!

  5. this site helps when u have to do a report that involves some background of Greek and names. the names with a meaning behind them is also helpful


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