Sakis is a male Greek name, which is relatively common in Greece.

Sakis is the diminutive of a couple male Greek names. The suffix -akis in Greek means “little” or small, so you may find a series of names ending in -akis, such as Makis, Sakis, Takis and so on.

Sakis usually derives either from the name Anastasios or from the name Athanasios, with the first being the most common case.

However, since Sakis is a diminutive, it may also derive from other male Greek names, even if not it is so obvious. For example, from Dionissis, Theodosis, Sotirios and more.

male Greek name Sakis

Sound of name Sakis: Sa-kees

Female Version of name Sakis: N/A

Nameday of Sakis: Nameday of Sakis depends on the name whose diminutive Sakis is.
If it refers to name Anastasios, nameday of Sakis is either on the Easter day or January 22nd.
If it refers to name Athanasios, nameday of Sakis is on January 18th and May 2nd.

Origin of name Sakis

Depending on the main name, whose diminutive it might be, name Sakis has different origins.

The name Anastasios refers to the resurrection of Christ, while the name Athanasios refers to Agios Athanasios (St Athanasios). You can read more about these names at the pertinent posts for names Anastasios and Athanasios.

Famous Greek men named Sakis

  • Sakis Rouvas (singer)
  • Sakis Mpoulas (singer and actor)

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