Savvas is a male Greek name that used to be relatively common in Greece.

The name Savvas comes from the Hebrew word sava meaning “old man”. According to a second opinion, it derives from the Turkish word “Sava” which means “war”. However, the Hebrew word is much older.

greek male name savvas

Sound of name Savvas: Sáv-vas

Female Version of name Savvas: Savvoula

Nameday of Savvas: December 5th

Origin of name Savvas – Agios Savvas

Name Savvas refers to Agios Savvas (St Savvas), a man who came from Cappadocia and was the son of noble parents.

Savvas adopted the Christian religion early in his life and decided to become a monk. At the age of 18 he went to Jerusalem to meet Agios Efthimios, who sent him to a communal hospice ran by Theoktistos.

St Savvas was a man of faith and he stood out due to the strength of his faith and his virtues. He was so serious and dedicated that he received higher rankings at an early age. He performed many miracles, helping the poor and needy people.

Since he was so known, he was sent by the Patriarch of Jerusalem to Constantinople twice, to meet the King Anastasius and then Emperor Justinian.

Agios Savvas died at the age of 94, in 534AD. He was declared a Saint by the Greek Orthodox Church and his nameday is celebrated on December 5th.

If you read the Greek Orthodox Calendar you will find many references on name Savvas; there are several namedays referring to Savvas, but they refer to different men and are less common namedays.

Nicknames deriving from name Savvas

Name Savvas doesn’t have any nicknames or diminutives; there are only the nicknames Savvoulis and Savas which are scarcely used.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Savvas

Savvas is a rather complicated person to deal with; he likes doing many things at once and he might miss the target. However, he likes having people around him and he is very fond of his family.

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