Serafeim or Serafim

Serafeim or Serafim is a Greek male name which derives from the Hebrew word seraphim that means ” the fiery one”. The seraphim were according to the Bible an order of angels, described by Isaiah to have six wings each. Serafeim or Serafim is a common name for people of the clergy, and less common among the laity, however you might find people named Serafeim.

male greek name serafim

Sound of name Serafeim: Se-rah-feém

Female Version of name Serafeim: Serafina

Nameday of Serafeim: December 4th and January 2nd

Origin of name Serafeim – Agios Serafeim (St Serafeim)

Name Serafeim is associated with Agios Serafeim (St Serafeim), a man who was born at the village Bezoulia in Agrafa. He adopted the Christian religion early in his life and decided to become a monk. He went to the Monastery of Holy Virgin Mary and later became Archbishop of Neohorion. He was accused by the Turks that he contributed to the revolts of the Greeks against the Turkish occupation and was arrested. Turks tried to make him adopt the Islam but failed. He was brutally tortured and hanged him on December 4th 1601AD. The Greek Orthodox Church declared him a saint and celebrates his nameday on December 4th.

There is a second nameday in the Greek orthodox calendar celebrated on January the 2nd, referring to Blessed Serafeim, a man who was born in Russia and dedicated his life to offering to the poor. His work and dedication to helping the people in need led the Orthodox Church to declare him Osio (Blessed).

Nicknames deriving from name Serafeim

Serafeim does not have any known or used nicknames and diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Serafeim

Serafeim is a nice and warm hearted person, who usually works with people or in the field of the arts. He is a man who loves the family and his friend and he always wants to be surrounded by people.

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