Sergios is a  male Greek name whose origins are found in the early Roman years.

The name Sergios possibly means “servant” in Latin, but most likely it is of unknown Etruscan origin.

sergios male greek name

Sound of name Sergios: Sé-ryeeos

Female version of name Sergios: Sergiana

Nameday of Sergios: October 7th

Origin of name Sergios – Agios Sergios

Sergios refers to Agios Sergios (Saint Sergios).

Saints Sergios and Bakchos served in the military ranks of Emperor Maximian. They were distinguished due to their great bravery on the battlefield but also due to their prudence in their daily lives. Hence, the emperor awarded them the tenets of the school of Kentilion.

When the emperor learned that two elite soldiers were Christians, he did not want  to believe it. To be convinced, he organized ceremonies with sacrifices to the pagan gods and invited Sergios and Bakchos to attend them.

The two Christian soldiers refused and confessed Christ with bold conviction. Enraged, the emperor then removed their medals. Then, after they were mocked  in various ways, they were sent  to the duke of the East, Antiochus.

With an unprecedented brutality, Antiochus lashed Bacchus to death. In particular, since once he had been benefited by Sergios, he suggested to him to refuse Christ in order to grant him his life. The bold response of Sergios was the words of St. Paul’s “To me life is Christ and the death is gain” (Philippians, 21). He thought that this action would completely unite him with Christ. Then Antiochus immediately gave orders to decapitate Sergios.

The nameday of Sergios is October 7.

Nicknames deriving from name Sergios

Sergios does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Sergios

Sergios is an introverted man, who likes material things and can be quite into pleasures of the flesh.

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