Sophocles is a male name whose origins are found in the ancient years. Sophocles is a compound word, deriving from the words “sophos”, which means clever and skilled, and “kleos”, which means glory and honor. Therefore, Sophocles is the man who combines glory and cleverness. The most known Sophocles of the ancient years is of course the Greek tragic poet Sophocles who wrote the plays Antigone, Oedipus Rex and more.

Sound of name Sophocles: So-fo-kleès

Female Version of name Sophocles:N/A

Nameday of name Sophocles: April 10th

Origin of name Sophocles – Agios Sophocles (St Sophocles)

Sophocles is an Ancient Greek name; it was used in the Greek language since approximately the 7th century BC, and it was a rather common male name in Greece, while now is less common. The interesting part is that the Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the name Sophocles, due to the existence of a man named Sophocles along with 39 more men, known as the 40 martyrs of Africa. We don’t have enough information about these 40 martyrs of Africa, however, it is known that they suffered along with St Maximus and Pompeios.

Nicknames deriving from name Sophocles

Name Sophocles doesn’t have any nicknames or diminutives – as most ancient Greek names. However, you might hear a man named Sophocles being called Sophos or Akis.

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