Stamatia is a female Greek name, the female respective of name Stamatis, although not as common and popular. Name Stamatia also derives from the Greek word stamato, which means to stop.

female greek name stamatia

Sound of name Stamatia: Sta – ma -teé- a

Male version of name Stamatia: Stamatis

Nameday of Stamatia : November 8th

Origin of name Stamatia

As mentioned, the name Stamatia is  the female version of Stamatis, therefore, its place in the Greek Orthodox Calendar is associated with the Archangels as well. You can read the story about the Archangels at the pertinent post for the name Stamatis.

Nicknames deriving from the name Stamatia

Stamatia has a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Stamatina, Stamatoula, Matina, Matoula, Mata, Stamela, Stamata, Stamati.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Stamatia

Stamatia is intelligent and active, always preoccupied with something, always planning something new. She doesn’t like having too much spare time and she usually doesn’t like being at home. She would easily sacrifise a family for an adventure.

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