Stavros is a Greek male name that refers to the word cross which in Greek is spelled the same way but with a different accent.

stavrosSound of name Stavross: Sta’-vros

Female version of name Stavros: Stavroula

Nameday of name Stavros: September 14th

Origin of name Stavros

Name Stavros is a rather common Greek male name and as we said comes from the Greek word “stavros” which means cross. Of course in the ancient years the word cross was referring to the item of this shape, with no political or religious meaning. The cross was used by barbarians and then by Romans who started crucifying people as a punishment for their scenes. The cross became a sacred item and symbol for Christianity when Christ was crucified on it by the Romans. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the name Stavros in memory of those important moments for Christianity on September 14th, the day of the Holy Cross.

Nicknames deriving from the name Stavros

Name Stavros doesn’t have many nicknames and diminutives. The most known and commonly used ones are Stavrakas, Stavrakios, Stavris and Stavrianos.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Stavros

Stavros is a low profile person and quite hard working. He is very good in hands and he is usually an exceptionally good husband and friend.

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