Stelios is a male name commonly found in Greece. It is the main variant and nickname of the name Stylianos, which comes from the ancient Greek word stylos which means pillar.

SteliosSound of name Stelios: Ste’-lios

Female Version of name Stelios: Stella

Nameday of name Stelios: November 26th

Origin of name Stelios – Agios Stylianos (Saint Stylianos)

The name Stelios and Stylianos are celebrated by the Greek Orthodox Church in honor of Agios Stylianos (St Stylianos.) Agios Stylianos was born in Paflagonia at the time of the Emperor Theodosius. Stylianos, since he was a young boy, believed that it is wrong to allow people be poor; he was coming from a wealthy family and he considered himself too privileged so he left his house and wealth and went to the desert where he was praying, receiving food from an Angel. His reputation was widely spread and many people were coming to the desert to find him and listen to his preaching. The tradition says that even when he died, people were still coming to his cave to hear him. Once, there was a plague that hit children and the village started praying to Agios Stylianos to save their children; the children were indeed saved and since then Agios Stylianos is considered the protector saint of children and mothers.

Nicknames deriving from name Stelios – Stylianos

As we said, name Stelios is the main nickname deriving from name Stylianos. There are a few more variants and diminutives, such as Telios, Telis, Stellis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals for the name Stelios

Stelios sees life with understanding and tries to avoid taking things too seriously. He likes laughing and having a good time, but he is also very hard working and very dependable in both family and work. Stelios can be very professional in his job.

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