Tassos or Tasos

Tassos is a common male name deriving from the name Anastasios.

There is a common confusion with name Tassos though, as there are two different forms of this name: Tasos and Tassos.

The most common version of the name is written with one –s (Tasos). It derives from the name Anastasios and its nameday is celebrated on Easter day.

Tassos with two -s comes from Anastasios the Persian and its nameday is on January 22.

name tassosSound of Name Tassos: Ta’s-sos

Female Version of name Tassos: Tassia (not that common in this version)

Nameday of Tassos: January 22nd for Tassos, Easter day for Tasos

Origin of name Tassos – Anastasios the Persian

Anastasios the Persian lived in the 7th century during the reign of Emperor Heraklios.

He was Persian, and his original name was Magoundat, son of a man that belonged to the Magi cast. He was well educated, inclined to philosophical and religious issues.

When the King of Persians Hosroi invaded Jerusalem in 614AD and sent the Holy Cross to Persia, the educated Persians were interested in this bizarre religion. Among them was Magoundat, who went to Jerusalem and was baptized Christian, with the name Anastasios.

He, then, went to Caesarea where he preached the word of God. Unfortunately, Anastasios was betrayed by some of his fellow patriots and he was brought to Persia where the monarch tried to convince him to adopt the Persian religion. When he refused, Anastasios was capsized.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of Anastasios the Persian on January 22nd.

Name Tassos is common in the following regions:

Tassos (from Anastasios) is a name that is relatively popular in the Peloponnese peninsula and Cyprus.

Nicknames deriving from name Tassos

Tassos derives from name Anastasios as we said; other common nicknames from the same name are: Tassoulis, Assis, Akis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Tassos

Tassos is clever and energetic, and is usually gifted with the charisma of speech. Being very articulate he likes attracting attention on him as much as possible.

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  1. It is confusing but some people named Anastasios choose to celebrate their name day on January 22, while others celebrate on Easter day.

  2. Anastasios Name Day

    Is it not celebrated on Greek Easter? And that date changes from year to year: in 2010, it’s on April 4th, I believe.


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