Thalis or Thales is a Greek male name, deriving from the Greek ancient word thallo which means to blossom. Thalis is not a very common name in modern Greece, however this name is associated with one of the most important Greek philosophers and mathematicians, Thales from Militos.

Sound of name Thalis: Tha-leés

Female Version of name Thalis: Thalia

Nameday of name Thalis: March 11th

Origin of name Thalis – Agios Thallos

Although Thalis or Thales is an ancient Greek name, it is included in the Orthodox Calendar referring to Thallos, a man who lived during the reign of Diocletian and Maximianus.

Thallos was a Christian living in Stratoniki; he was chased for his political and religious beliefs. He became a martyr because he was tied on a tree and tortured to death. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates his memory on March 11th.

Nicknames deriving from the name Thalis

Thalis doesn’t feature any nicknames and diminutives,  except for the variation of name Thalos or Thalis.

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