Theodosis is a male Greek name, which derives from the Greek words theos and dosis, which mean God and gift respectively; therefore, the name Theodosis means a gift from God. Theodosis is the most commonly used name deriving from name Theodosios which is the main given name.

greek name theodosisSound of name Theodosis: The-o-dó-sees

Female Version of name Theodosis: Theodosia

Nameday of name Theodosis: January 11th and 17th

Origin of name Theodosis – Agios Theodosios ( St Theodosios)

Theodosios was born in 346AD, and was the son of General Theodosios of Africa. Theodosios, went to Spain after the death of his father, and was also a soldier and later a legionnaire. After a few great battles and wins, he became August (ruler) of Sirmion City that belonged to the Roman Empire.

Although a man of the army, he was a devoted Christian and he published a law, according to which only the people accepting the results of the Ecumenical Synod of Nice would be called Christians, and the heretics would not be using this name and title. Later on, Theodosios was the one who accepted the Holy Spirit as the third part, creating what we know as the Holy Triad.

Theodosios became Emperor, and was declared a Saint from the Greek Orthodox Church – although the historical facts  referring to the persecutions and killings of pagans do not actually contribute to this title. History and Theology are two different things anyway.

The Memory of St Theodosios, who was also named Theodosios the Great, is celebrated on January the 17th.

Nicknames deriving from name Theodosis

As mentioned, Theodosis comes from the name Theodosios and is its main nickname. Other nicknames deriving from name Theodosios are Dosios, Dosis, Theodosakis and Sakis.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Theodosis

Theodosis is a very dedicated man, always focused on his goal. He is a very trustworthy person and someone you should always count on when doing business with.

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