Theofanis is a male Greek name; although directly associated with the Orthodox religion its roots and origins are actually ancient Greek. Name Theofanis comes from the Greek words theos (God) and fanis, which means “appearing”. Name Theofanis means the manifestation (appearance) of God.

theofanisSound of name Theofanis: The-o-fá-nis

Female Version of name Theofanis: Theofania

Nameday of name Theofanis: January 6th, Theofania, March 12th

Origin of name Theofanis – Theofania and Agios Theofanis

In Greece, name Theofanis is basically celebrated on the day of the Theofania, the appearance of God, which refers to the baptism of Jesus at the Jordan river by Saint John the Baptist.  The name Theofania (manifestation of God) is based on the appearance of the three persons compounding Holy Trinity. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the manifestation of God on January 6th, thus men named Theofanis celebrate their name day on the day of Theofania.

However, as commonly seen in the Greek Orthodox Calendar,  name Theofanis is also associated with a saint, Agios Theofanis. Theofanis was a Byzantine monk, during the years of the reign of Constantine the Great. He took an active part in the battle of the icons, fighting for their existence. He became a chronicler in Constantinople and his scripts and texts are considered among the most important ones of the Orthodox Church that declared him a Saint, celebrating his memory on March 12th.

Nicknames deriving from name Theofanis

Theofanis has a few nicknames and diminutives, such as Fanis, Theofanakos, Akis, Theofanòs

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Theofanis

Theofanis is interested in the joys of life. He wants to have fun with friends and he likes good food and drinks. He is always the heart of the company and he likes dancing a lot.

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