Theofilos is a male Greek name which derives from the Greek words “theos” and “filos”, that translate to God and friend respectively. Therefore, Theofilos is the friend of God, or the very respectgful man.

Sound of name Theofilos: The-ó-fee-los

Female Version of name Theofilos: Theofili

Nameday of Theofilos: July 8th

Origin of name Theofilos – Osios Theofilos (Blessed Theofilos)

Theofilos refers to a man who lived in Zichni, in Macedonia. His parents were Christians and he was brought up according to the Gospels.

He was a very bright man, with excellent abilities in litterature. Theofilos became a monk, later a priest and started visiting several places teaching the word of God.

In 1548AD he ended up in Agios Oros where he stayed in the cell of St Vassilios that is located in Pantokratoras Monastery.

Theofilos died peacefully and the Orthodox Church declared him Blessed, celebrating his nameday on July 8th.

Nicknames deriving from name Theofilos

Theofilos does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Theofilos

Theofilos is a simple, serious man, who has a trouble adapting to modern life. This is the main reason why he is usually introverted and somewhat lonely.



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