Theonymphi or Theonymfi

Theonymhpi or Theonymfi is a female Greek name, which derives from the Greek words “theos” and “nymphi” which translate to “God” and “nymph” or “bride” respectively.

Therefore, Theonymphi is God’s nymph or God’s bride. The name Theonymfi was used in early Christian years.

theonymfi or theonymphi greek nameSound of name Theonymphi: The-o-neé-mpheeh

Male Version of name Theonymphi:  N/A

Nameday of Theonymphi: September 1st

Origin of name Theonymphi – The 40 Virgins

Name Theonymphi in the Orthodox Calendar is one of the 40 Virgins.

Ammoun or Ammon was a Deacon at Adrianople in Thrace and teacher of the anchoress 40 virgins. The ruler of Adrianople Vavdos  sent him with his 40 students to Licinius,  the lord of Orakis,  since he refused to sacrifice to idols.

The Fourty Virgins were tortured brutally: the first ten were burned alive, eight were decapitated, ten were killed with a sword and the remaining twelve women were killed with knives and molten iron in their mouth.

In particular Ammoun was killed after Licinius put a red-hot metal hood on his head (others say that Amoun was decapitated).

Theonymphi was one of the 40 Virgins, and thus the nameday of Theonymphi is celebrated on September 1st.

Nicknames deriving from name Theonymphi

Theonymphi does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Theonymphi

Theonymphi is a calm and introverted woman; she is not very social, but she is usually devoted to her family and the people she loves.

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