Thomas is a common Greek male name, known mostly since the early Christian years. It comes from the Aramaic word “Taoma” and refers to the “Twin”. Thomas is a typical Christian name, recognized both by the Eastern Orthodox and Greek Orthodox Church.

thomasSound of Name Thomas: Tho-ma’s (the syllable –tho sounds like in the word “thesaurus”).

Female Version of name Thomas: Thomais

Nameday of Name Thomas: Thomas doesn’t have a specific day celebrating the nameday. It is one of the mobile namedays, and is celebrated the first Sunday after the Easter Sunday.

Origin of Name Thomas – Apostle Thomas

As we said, the name Thomas comes from Middle East and the early Christian Years. The name is famous because of Apostle Thomas, one of the students and followers of Christ. He was from Antiocheia and became one of the most beloved followers of Christ. He has the reputation of the infidel because he was the one who said that he cannot believe that Jesus resurrected until he could touch his wounds, however Thomas was the most rational and realistic of the Apostles.

After Christ he started preaching the Christian religion to the people in Persia and Middle East and he died after being tortured by pagans in India. The Orthodox Church recognized him as a Saint, celebrating his memory one week after the Orthodox Easter.

Nicknames deriving from the name Thomas

Thomas doesn’t have many nicknames. The most common one is influenced by the English language, thus, you can find men called Tom and Tomas. In some areas in North-West Greece, the nickname Thomakos is also common. Makis is also a nickname of Thomas.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Thomas

Thomas is generous and sometimes quite naïve in his decisions. He can be quite highly-strung but he finds his smile and good mood fast enough. Thomas doesn’t like misunderstandings.

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