Vasileia or Vassilia

Vasileia is a female Greek name which derives from the main female name Vassiliki. Vasileia is also a Greek word which means kingdom and reign. It is not a very popular name nowadays, however, it is still relatively common among women that come from the northern parts of the Greek mainland, especially the cities and towns close to the north-eastern borders.

Vasileia could also be spelled Vassilia, but the version provided here gives a better idea of the original Greek spelling.

greek female name vasileia

Sound of name Vasileia: Vah-ssee-leé-ah

Male Version of name Vasileia: Vassilios

Nameday of Vasileia: January 1st

Origin of name Vasileia – Agios Vassilios (St Vassilios)

Since the name Vasileia derives from the name Vassiliki  – which is the female respective of name Vassilios – it is also associated with Agios Vassilios. You can read more about the origins at the post for name Vassilios.

Read more about the meaning of the name Vasileia at the pertinent post for name Vassiliki.

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