Vladimiros is a male Greek name with Slavic roots. It derives from the slavic word volod which means to rule, and mir which means peace.

Vladimiros is thus the man who rules with greatness and peace. It is the Greek version of the name Vladimir, which is the original Slavic name.

Vladimir was the name of a famous prince in Russia who lived in the 11th century and tried to christianize Russia.

male greek name vladimiros

Sound of name Vladimiros: Vla-deé-mee-ros

Female Version of name Vladimiros: N/A

Nameday of Vladimiros: July 15th

Origin of name Vladimiros – Agios Vladimiros (St Vladimir)

Vladimiros was born in 958AD and became Emperor in Kiev when he was still young. He was a pagan and he supported paganism in Russia. He had 12 daughters and 11 sons.

In 997 Vladimiror decided to adopt the Christian religion and he was baptized in Kiev. He got married with the sister of Vasileios, Emperor of Byzantium and he destroyed all pagan symbols in Russia.

He decided to baptize most of Russians as Christians and built Christian Churches in the country. He helped the religion expand and establish in the country.

Vladimiros died peacefully on July 15th in 1015 and the Orthodox Church declared him a saint, celebrating his nameday on July 15 every year.

Nicknames deriving from name Vladimiros

Vladimiros does not have any nicknames or diminitives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Vladimiros

Vladimiros is a social and extroverted man, who is a lot into women and materialistic life. He likes buying new things and he can spend a lot of money just to show off.


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