Vlassis is a male Greek name whose etymology is not exactly known. It is believed that it derives from the word “vlastos” which means shoot, vegetation.

Vlassis is the main nickname of the formal Greek name Vlassios.

male greek name vlassis

Sound of name Vlassis: Vlá-sseess

Female version of name Vlassis: Vlassia (not in use)

Nameday of Vlassis: February 11th

Origin of name Vlassis – Agios Vlassios (St Vlassios)

Name Vlassis is found in the Orthodox tradition during the 4th century AD.

Vlassios was a man who lived during the reign of Emperor Licinius; he studied medicine but offered his services pro bono to the poor and suffering people. Except for medical help he also gave people medication and paid for their full medical expenses.

His humanitarian actions derived from his love for people and God. The Church made him Bishop of Sevastia.

The ruler of the city, Agricolas, arrested Vlassios and made him suffer severe tortures. The soldiers whipped him, hanged him from a tree and then took him to prison.

They dropped him to the bottom of a lake, but Vlassios was saved by a miracle. The opponents of the Christian religion decapitated him in 316AD.

Vlassios was named a saint and holy martyr by the Greek Orthodox Church that celebrates his nameday on February 11th.

Nicknames deriving from name Vlassios

Vlassios does nt nicknames and diminutives. As mentioned, Vlassis is the main and most common nickname of Vlassios.

The Names Fairy reveals the meaning of name Vlassis

Vlassis is an extroverted man who likes working with people; he is a very reliable person when it comes to work, but he is usually not very fond of family life because he is much into pleasures.


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