Zaharias or Zacharias

Zaharias is a male name found in Greece. Zaharias is also spelled Zacharias, with the first attributing best the sound of name in the Greek language. Zaharias comes from the Hebrew name  Zekharyah, which means the God remembers. Opposite to common belief, the name Zaharias has nothing to do with ancient Greece; the confusion starts with the fact that Alexander the Great brought sugar canes to Greece from his expeditions to Asia – in Greek word zahari means sugar. However, sugar (zahari) as a word was not in use until the 8th century AD.

zaharisSound of name Zaharias: Za-ha-rì-as

Female Version of name Zaharias: Zaharoula or Zaharenia

Nameday of name Zaharias: February 8th

Origin of name Zaharias – Prophet Zaharias ( Zechariah)

Name Zaharias was a very common name in the Old Testament, including the renowned prophet Zaharias or Zechariah, who also wrote the book of Zechariah.  In the New Testament, the name Zaharias refers to the father of John the Baptist who refused to believe in the words of Archangel Gabriel sent by God and was temporarily made deaf and dumb.  Once his wife Elissavet gave birth to a child, John, Zaharias asked God to forgive him and he found his hearing and his senses. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of Zaharias on February the 8th.

Nicknames deriving from name Zaharias

Zaharias features a few nicknames and diminutives such as: Zak, Zakis, Akis, Aris, Zaharakos, Zakari, Zaharis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Zaharias

Zaharias is cute and sensitive, but can become very cynical with the years. He loves the arts and has a very critical spirit.

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