Zissis is a Greek male name which you can find in many areas of the Greek mainland. Zissis is a name that comes from the Greek word “zissi” which means lifetime. It is not the male respective name of Zoi, but due to their common roots and meanings, these two names celebrate their nameday on the same day, 5 days after Easter.

Sound of name Zissis: Zeé-ssees

Female Version of name Zissis: Zissoula (not much in use)

Nameday of name Zissis: April 9th 2010 (different date each year depending on Easter date)

Origin of name Zissis – Pigi Zois

Same as with name Zoi, name Zissis is associated with life and lifetime. You can find more information about the Fountain and source of life at the pertinent post for the name Zoi.

Nicknames deriving from name Zissis

Zissis doesn’t have any nicknames or diminutives,  except for names Zissakos and Zizis which are not common at all.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Zissis

Zissis is a quiet but social person, who likes working and dealing with complicated mind issues. He can be of great help at work, or whenever you need a hard working person.

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