agathiAgathi is a female Greek name, one of those that used to be very common in the past but reducing as time goes by. Agathi in Greek is also a feminine adjective and comes from the word “agathos” that means good, kind and virtuous.

Sound of Agathi: a-ga-the’

Name day of Agathi: February 5.

Male form of Agathi: –

Saint Agathi

The name “Agathi” has its own history for the Greek Orthodox Church; Agathi was a woman from Catania in Sicily and lived during the reign of King Dekios. She was known for her beauty and the wonderful posture and stature and she was daughter of wealthy pagans that died relatively early, leaving Agathi alone at the age of 15.

Agathi inherited a huge fortune and a breathtaking beauty which caused her serious problems; the provincial governor of Sicily tried to seduce her, but Agathi had already decided to dedicate her life to Christianity.

For this reason, the governor placed her in a brothel in Sicily expecting her to deny her faith. When she didn’t, he ordered to cut her breasts, torture her and let her die, but according to the myth St Paul appeared and healed her wounds, but Agathi died in 251 AD.

A year later, Etna, the volcano, erupted but the residents saw the angel of the Saint saving the city of Catania from the Lava; it was the 5th of February 252. The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates her memory on February 5th each year.

Name Agathi is common in:

Agathi is a name that can be mostly found in the Greek Mainland; it is a common name in the Aitoloakarnania Prefecture, in central Greece and the locals host numerous celebrations each year on the Eve and actual day of the 5th of February.

Nicknames deriving from the name Agathi

Some of the most known and common nicknames deriving from the name Agathi are: Agathoula, Agathia, Agatho, Agathitsa, Gitsa, Agi, Agatha. Agathi is a strictly female name and doesn’t have any male version.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Agathi:

Agathi refers to a person who is brave, generous and spiritual; the main weakness is that she doesn’t know how to control and manage her feelings.

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