Aggelos or Angelos

AggelosAggelos or Angelos is a popular male Greek name, deriving from the homonym word “aggelos” which in ancient Greek was referring to the messenger. Today, the same word is used as a noun, referring to the angel.

Sound of Aggelos: A’-nge-los

Alternative Spelling: Angelos

Nameday of Aggelos: November 8th

Female form of Aggelos: Aggeliki

History of the Name Aggelos or Angelos

The Greek Name Aggelos is the male respective of Aggeliki, therefore it also refers to the Archangels Gabriel and Michael of the Christian Religion. For more information, check the female name Aggeliki.

Nicknames and different versions of the name Aggelos

Aggelos doesn’t have many nicknames, opposite from the female name. A man named Aggelos will be called with his full name, although in some cases you can hear some nickanames such as “Akis” and “Agis”, but not that commonly.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Aggelos or Angelos:

Aggelos or Angelos refers to someone who is dreamer and spiritual, always giving the impression of being absent minded and missing. He can be quite stubborn and persistent and achieve the goals that he sets.

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