Aikaterini or Ekaterini

Aikaterini or Ekaterini or is a common Greek female name. It is rarely used in its full form, as it is one of the female names that feature a great deal of different nicknames and diminutives. The origin and history of the name is not exactly clear, as there are different versions about its etymology. According to the most popular theory, the name Ekaterini comes from the ancient Greek word “katharsis” which means “to purge” and “to cleanse”. According to another theory the name comes from the Greek Goddess Ekati, while others believe that it comes from the word “hekateros”, which means “each one of the two”. Ekaterini is the Greek respective name of Catherine or Katherine and Ekaterina (the slavic version of the name).

ekateriniSound of the name Ekaterini: E-ka-te-ri’-ni

Male Version of Name Ekaterini: N/A

Nameday of name Ekaterini: November 25th

Origin of name Ekaterini – Agia Ekaterini, St Katherine

Analytical information on the origin of name Ekaterini and St Katherine is given at the post for the name Katerina, which is the most common nickname deriving from the name Ekaterini.

Nicknames deriving from the name  Ekaterini

Ekaterini, the full name has many nicknames, such as: Katerina, Katia, Kaiti, Katina, Katinio, Kaitoula, Rina, Ria, Karen, Kalotina, Katingo, Katinga, Ekaterina, Katherine, Tigka, Kate.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Ekaterini

Ekaterini is a woman with many interests; she usually looks younger than her age. She is torn between practical and theoretical tasks and she is adept at writing. Ekaterini is a strong character and can face difficulties with her mental strength.

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