Aimilios or Emilios

Aimilios or Emilios is a male name that used to be quite common in some Greek islands.

This happened because of the Roman origin of the name Aimilios and the fact that in certain Greek islands, like Syros, the vast majority of residents are Catholics. However, if you meet a Greek man named Aimilios it doesn’t mean that he is a Catholic.

Aimilios derives from the Latin aemulus meaning “rival”.

male greek name aimilios

Sound of name Aimilios: Eh-meé-lee-os

Female Version of name Aimilios: Aimilia

Nameday of Aimilios: 22nd of May

Origin of name Aimilios – Agios Aimilios (St Aimilios Africanus)

The name Aimilianos (Aimilios) is included in the Greek Orthodox Calendar due to a man who lived in Carthage with his friend named Kastos during the era of Septimos Severus.

We do not have enough information about their life and death, but we know that they suffered in 251 AD due to their faith in Christianity.

Aimilianos and Kastos were tortured to death and the Greek Orthodox Church declared them saints and martyrs, celebrating the nameday of Aimilios on May 22nd, along with the nameday of Kastos.

Nicknames deriving from name Aimilios

There are just a few nicknames and diminutives deriving from name Aimilios. These are: Emil, Milios, Emis

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Aimilios

Aimilios is a man who is very self assured. He rarely talks about anything in a bad way and he doesn’t like to create enemies. He can be easily impressed and he is a man who stays firm on his words.

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