Alkinoos is a male Greek name whose origins are found in Ancient Greece.

The name Alkinoos derives from the words “alki” and “nous”, which mean strong and mind respectively. Therefore, Alkinoos is the one with the mighty mind.

Sound of name Alkinoos: A-lkee-no-os

Female Version of name Alkinoos: Alkinoi

Nameday of Alkinoos: N/A

Origin of name Alkinoos

Alkinoos does not have a nameday since it is not included in the Orthodox Calendar.

Alkinoos is an ancient Greek name; in Greek mythology, Alkinoos was the son of Nausithous and Corcyra, husband of Arete and father of Nafsika, Laodamas, Halius and Clytoneus.

Alkinoos was the king of the Phaiakians, the people of the island that today is called Corfu (Kerkyra).

Homer was the one who described his kingdom and palace in details in Odyssey, since the main protagonist, Odysseus – Ulysses arrived there after a long journey from Troy to his homeland Ithaca.

The description of the palace, the feasts organized for Odysseus and the events that took place during his stay actually occupy a great portion of the epic poem and they are one of the most descriptive and interesting parts.

King Alkinoos was the one who helped Odysseus return to Ithaca and his wife.

Nicknames deriving from name Alkinoos

Although an ancient Greek name, Alkinoos has a couple of nicknames, such as Alkis (which is the most common one), Akis and Alkinous.

The Names Fairy reveals the meaning of name Alkinoos

Alkinoos is a free spirited man; he is into arts and crafts and he is also great in organizing things. He is into family and he usually has many kids.

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