Alkmini is a female Greek name, which originates from Ancient Greece, from Alcmene (mother of Hercules).

The name Alkmini derives from the Greek words “alki” and “meni”, which meean “much” and “moon” respectively; therefore Alkmini is the all shiny.

female greek name alkmini

Sound of name Alkmini: Al-kmee’-nee

Male Version of name Alkmini: n/a

Nameday of Alkmini: N/A

Origins of name Alkmini

Alkmini (or Alcmene in English) is a a hero of Greek mythology.

Alcmene was the daughter of King Elektryon in Mycenae and his wife Anaxo. Alkmini was the wife of Amphitrion and the mother of Iraklis (Hercules) and Iphiklis.

When Amhitrion was not at home one day, Zeus took his form and seduced Alkmini, who gave birth to Iraklis (Hercules) – son of Zeus – and Iphiklis – son of Amphitrion.

The jealous Hera (wife of Zeus) tried to kill Alcmene, but Hercules (although only a 1-day-old baby), managed to kill the snakes sent by Hera and save his mother.

After the death of Amphitrion, Alkmene married Rhadamanthys, son of Zeus and brother of King Minos of Crete, and lived with him in exile at Ocalea, north of Athens.

The historian Pausanias indicated that an altar to Alcmene had been built in the Cynosarges in Athens, alongside altars to Hercules, Hebe and Iolaus.

Nicknames deriving from name Alkmini

Alkmini does not have many nicknames or diminutives. The most common ones are Mini, Mina or Alki (rare).

The Names Fairy reveals the meaning of name Alkmini

Alkmini is a serious and reliable person, always very careful in her choices. She is steady when it comes to her friends and family.


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