Andromachi or Andromahi

Andromachi or Andromahi is a female name that originates from the ancient years.

In fact, the ancient Greek name Andromachi is a compound word and derives from the words “machi” which means battle and “andros” which means “of a man”. Therefore, Andromachi means the battle, or the fight of a man.

In Greek mythology and poetry, according to Homer, Andromachi was the wife of Hector, taken by Neoptolemus after the Trojan war and the fall of Troy.

female greek name andromachi

Sound of name Andromachi: An-dro-má-hee

Male Version of name Andromachi: Andromachos

Nameday of Andromachi: October 12

Origin of name Andromachi

As mentioned, Andromachi is actually an ancient Greek name, however, it was included in the calendar of the Greek orthodox Church due to the martyr Andromachos, who was brutally killed due to his Christian beliefs.

We do not have enough information on the life of Agios Andromachos, except for his tortured end, along with Saint Diodorus, whose namedays are celebrated on the same day (October 12).

Nicknames deriving from name Andromachi

Andromachi has just a few diminutives and nicknames. The most common ones are: Machi (the most commonly used), Machoula, Machiti, Andrea, Andria, Andritsa – in rural areas.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Andromachi

Andromachi is a brave and honest woman. She is usually quite strong and very supportive towards her friends. She is reliable and although she seems very strong she is also very sensitive.

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