Andronikos is a male Greek name, which derives from the words “andros” (of the man) and “niki” (victory).

Andronikos is an ancient Greek name, which means victorious. It is the male respective of name Androniki.

male greek name andronikos

Sound of name Andronikos: A-ndró-nee-kos

Female Version of name Andronikos: Androniki

Nameday of Andronikos: May 17th and July 30th

Origin of name Andronikos – Agios Andronikos (St Andronikos)

Name Andronikos is associated with Agios Andronikos, one of the 70 Apostles chosen by Jesus.

The 70 Apostles were selected by Christ after the 12 Apostles, to help his work in every town and place that he visited. They performed their mission with all the precision and discipline required, while Christ was on earth but also after his ascension. Most of them were executed for their faith.

St Andronikos was tortured for his faith in Christ and the Church declared him a saint, celebrating the memory and nameday of Andronikos on May 17 or July 30.

Nicknames deriving from name Andronikos

Andronikos does not have any nicknames or diminutives.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Andronikos

Andronikos is an introverted man, who usually prefers staying at home reading, or having fun with few close friends. He is smart, but not the soul of the party.

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