Antonia is a female Greek name, which is commonly used in the islands of the Ionian Sea and Western Greece and is less common in other areas of the country. Antonia is the female respective of name Antonis. The etymology of the name Antonia is same as with name Antonis, and can be found at the post about the male name Antonis.

antoniaSound of name Antonia: A-nto-ni’-a

Male version of name Antonia: Antonis

Nameday of name Antonia: January 17th

Origin of name Antonia – Agios Antonios, St Antonius

Information about the male version of the name and the Saint of the Greek Orthodox Church can be found at the post Antonis.

Nicknames deriving from the name Antonia

Name Antonia features a few diminutives and nicknames such as: Tonia, Antonoula, Tania, Tina, Nia, Ntina

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of the name Antonia

Antonia is a person that values communication with his surroundings and believes that the essence of life is found in proper contact and understanding. She likes having fun and can be a very materialistic person.

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