Apollon or Apollonas

Apollon or Apollonas is a male Greek name whose roots are found in the ancient years.

Apollon derives from the word apollymi which means “to destroy”.

The name Apollon is an ancient Greek name, the name of God Apollo.

Male Greek name Apollon

Sound of name Apollon: A-pó-llon

Female Version of name Apollon: Apollonia

Nameday of Apollo: June 5

Origin of name Apollon – 10 Martyrs

For the Greek Orthodox Church name Apollon is associated to a man who lived in Alexandria in Egypt as part of a team of Christians, who were  not only believers, but also sufferers for Christ.

Someone accused them of their faith to the ruler of Alexandria and these 8 men and 2 women declared their faith bravely. The ruler thought it would be easy to frighten them, especially the two women, and left them thirsty and hungry for days during winter.

The soldiers were drinking and eating in front of them to make them suffer more. However, the 10 courageous Christians, among who was Apollon as well, did not deny their faith and died suffering for Christ.

The Orthodox Church declared Apollon a saint, and celebrates the nameday of Apollo on June 5th, along with the rest seven men and two women, known as the 10 martyrs of Egypt.

Greek God Apollon

The name Apollon or Apollonas is mostly known due to the Olympian God Apollo (Apollon or Apollonas in Greek).

Apollon was one of the 12 Gods of the Olympus, the only God that has the same name in both Roman and Greek Mythology. Apollon was the son of Leto and Zeus, the brother of Goddess Artemis and was the half brother of God Hermes.

Apollo was the God of music, arts and the oracles.You can read more details at the post for God Apollo.

Nicknames deriving from name Apollon

Apollon does not have any nicknames or diminutives, as most of the ancient Greek names.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Apollon

Apollon is a simple man; he likes the arts and he can be very creative and imaginative. Sometimes he is considered eccentric due to his tendency to search for inspiration.

Apollon is considered a very erotic man.

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