Apostolis is a male Greek name deriving from the name Apostolos. There is a slight dispute on whether name Apostolos is the main given name and Apostolis a nickname and altered version, or vice versa. In most cases though name Apostolos is considered the main given name to Greek boys. Apostolis also derives from the word apostolos, meaning the messenger and the apostle.

male greek name apostolisSound of name Apostolis: A- po- stó – lees

Female Version of name Apostolis: Apostolia

Nameday of Apostolis: June 30th

Origin of name Apostolis – Apostolos

Since Apostolis derives from the name Apostolos, it is also associated with the Assembly of the apostles. You can read all the pertinent information about name Apostolis at the main post for Apostolos.

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