Argiro is a female name given to children in mostly in the mainland in Greece. The name Argiro comes from the Greek word argiros which means silver. Argiro means “of the money” or of value.
argiroSound of name Argiro: Ar-gee-ro’

Male Version of name Argiro: Argiris, Argiros

Nameday of name Argiro: April 30th

Origin of name Argiro – Martyr Argiri

The name Argiro exists in the Greek Language since the antiquity. For the Greek Orthodox Church, the name Argiro is associated with the Martyr Argiri, a woman that lived in Bursa in Asia Minor, during the 18th century. She was married to a very honest and religious man, but a Turk fell in love with her and tried to seduce her. Argiri’s husband found out and sued the Turk. The trial was supposed to take place in Istanbul, but the local judge decided not to take anyone’s part, because of political reasons. In the meantime, Argiri’s faith in the Christian religion was an issue in Turkey, so she was tortured and imprisoned. She died in prison and became a martyr of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Nicknames deriving from the name Argiro

Argiro doesn’t have many nicknames and diminutives; the ones that can be found are Argiroula, Roula, Rea, Argiri, Ritsa.

The names’ Fairy reveals for the Name Argiro

Argiro is a very proud woman; she likes money and good life, but she is not one of those that would do anything to get money and fame.

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