Christodoulos or Hristodoulos

Christodoulos or Hristodoulos is a male Greek name, associated usually with men of God and Religion.

The name Christodoulos is actually a compound word, which consists of the words “Christos” (Christ) and “doulos” (which means servant). Therefore, Christodoulos is the servant of Christ in the Greek language, and this is the reason why many men of the Church, including a former Archibishop, had chosen this name as their religious name.

Christodoulos features another way of spelling, “Hristodoulos“, which attributes the Greek sound characteristics better.

Sound of name Christodoulos: Hree-stó- doo – los

Female Version of Christodoulos: N/A

Nameday of name Christodoulos: March the 16th

Origin of name Christodoulos – Christodoulos of Patmos

Although Christodoulos is clearly a Greek word referring to the man who serves God, it was not used in the ancient years for obvious reasons.

It became more common in the early Christian years; for the Greek Orthodox Church the name Christodoulos is associated with Holy Christodoulos of Patmos.

Christodoulos was born in 1020 – his original name was Ioannis. He was a very religious man and received higher religious education.

He changed his name to Christodoulos and with the help of the Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komninos, he built the famous Monastery in Patmos, which houses the cave where John wrote the Apocalypse (Revelation).

The Greek Orthodox Church honors his memory, celebrating the nameday of Christodoulos on March 16.

Nicknames deriving from name Christodoulos

Like many names that have to do with religion and church, Christodoulos doesn’t feature any nickanmes and diminutives, and is only used in its full form.

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  1. It has to be noted that some of people named “Hristodoulos” commonly use “Hristos” as their name (at least unofficially). However, I don’t know if this is right or not. It is just a fact.


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