Dimosthenis is a male Greek name which exists since the ancient years. Name Dimosthenis derives from the words “dimos” which means people and “sthenos” which means power, therefore Dimosthenis means the “vigour of the people”.

male greek name dimosthenis

Sound of name Dimosthenis: Dee-mo-sthé-nees

Female Version of name Dimosthenis: N/A

Nameday of Dimosthenis: April 10

Origin of name Dimosthenis – The 40 Martyrs

Ancient Greek name Dimosthenis is associated with the great General of the 5th century and an Athenian orator of the 4th century that changed the course of Athens in these years.

For the Greek Orthodox Church though, name Dimosthenis is associated with one of the 40 martyrs, along with Aristeidis, Iraklis, Zinon and more, who suffered a tragic death in Carthage during the reign of Emperor Decius, because they refused to adopt the pagan religion and deny the Christian religion.

The Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the nameday of Dimosthenis on April 10th.

Nicknames deriving from name Dimosthenis

Dimosthenis has only one nickname and diminutives, which is the name Dimos or Demos – which should not be confused with the main name Dimos though.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Dimosthenis

Dimosthenis is an imposing man, who finds it easy to establish himself without applying too much effort. He is usually a man who knows well what he is talking about.

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