Diogenis is an ancient Greek name which derives from the Greek words Dias and genos, that mean Zeus and birth respectively, therefore, Diogenis is the one who is born by Zeus, by god.

diogenis male greek name

Sound of name Diogenis: Deeo-yé-nees

Female Version of name Diogenis: N/A

Nameday of Diogenis: December 5th

Origin of name Diogenis – Agios Diogenis (St Diogenis)

There is not much information on the man named Diogenis who is commemorated in the Orthodox Calendar. The only thing we know is that he was murdered by throwing stones at him.

The Greek Orthodox church celebrates his memory and the nameday of Diogenis on December 5th.

Diogenis the philosopher

Diogenis is known from the ancient years, as one of the greatest philosophers and orators in ancient Greece.

He is also known as Diogenes from Sinope. He was a rather controversial person, since he left Sinope exiled for having defaced the currency.

He went to Athens and started teaching that virtues should be practiced, rather than revealed with words. He was known for his poverty and lived in a tub close the Athenian market.

diogenis and alexander the great in front of diogenis tubThere are numerous stories about Diogenis, such as the story of Diogenis’ lamp. He was always carrying a lamp in daylight, suggesting that he was always in pursue of an honest man.

He is also known for mocking Alexander the Great. When Alexander came to Athens victorious, he went to the place where Diogenis’ tub was.

He stood over  him and asked him if he could do any favor to him. Diogenis simply answered, “yes, get out of the way, you are hiding the sunlight”.

Diogenis died in Corinth, but the cause of death is not known, since there are a few different theories.

Nicknames deriving from name Diogenis

Diogenis does not have any nicknames or diminutives

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Diogenis

Diogenis is a man with strong beliefs and needs; he is always in pursue of what he thinks is the best, and he doesn’t allow people or things to become an obstacle. He can do everything for his family and friends, but he can be little immoral.


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