Dionissia is a Greek female name, the female respective of name Dionissis. Its roots are also found in God Dionissos of the Ancient Greek mythology, the God of wine and fertility. Dionissia is less common name than Dionissis, although quite popular in the Ionian Islands as well.

Sound of name Dionissia: Dee-o-nee-ssee-a

Male Version of name Dionissia: Dionissis

Nameday of name Dionissia: October 3rd and December 17th

Origin of name Dionissia – Agios Dionissios

As with its male version, name Dionissia is also associated with Dionissios the Areopagite and St Dionissios of Zante Island. You can find additional information on both Saints at the pertinent post for the name Dionissis.

Nickames deriving from name Dionissia

Dionissia features a few nicknames and diminutives, such as  Dionissoula, Sia, Sissi, Denise, Deni, Nissa, Nitsa.

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Dionissia

Dionissia is a strict woman, who doesn’t deal well with jokes and intimacy, unless she gives someone the right to do so. She is the person who wants to have everything under control and she can be quite distant some times.

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