Eftichia is a female name in Greece; its etymology reveals its importance for the human life. Eftichia in Greek means happiness, therefore it is one of the well loved Greek names. Eftichia is the female respective of the male name Eftichios.

greek name eftichiaSound of name Eftichia: E- ftee-heé-a

Male Version of name Eftichia: Eftichis

Nameday of name Eftichia: April 6th and August 24th

Origin of name Eftichia – Agios Eftichios (St Eftichios)

Name Eftichia is the female respective of name Eftichios, therefore its origin is also found in the story of Agios Eftichios, the Patriarch of Constantinople. You can read more about him at the pertinent post for name Eftichios.

Nicknames deriving from name Eftichia

Name Eftichia doesn’t have many nicknames, since most women with this name tend to use it as it is, but you can still find some diminutives and alternative versions of the name, such as Efi, Efticho, Evi, Eftichoula, Eftichitsa, Efaki

The Names’ Fairy reveals the meaning of name Eftichia

Following the reality of her name, Eftichia is a person who cares about the happiness and well being of the others around her. She is always willing to help the people she loves and she is very dependable.

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