Eugenia or Evgenia

Eugenia or Evgenia is a female Greek name that derives from the Greek word Greek word ευγενης (evgenes) meaning “well born”. It is composed of the elements ευ “good, well” and γενoς (genes) “born”.

The name Evgenia is the Greek version of the name Eugene.

greek female name eugenia

Sound of name Eugenia: Ev-geh-neé-ah

Male Version of name Eugenia: Eugenios

Nameday of Eugenia: December 24th

Origin of name Eugenia – Eugenia the Martyr

Eugenia is a name associated with a woman who lived in the second half of the 3rd century in Rome.

Her father took them to Alexandria, where Eugenia studied Roman and Greek literature. When she finished her studies she read the letters of Apostle Paul and she was impressed by the strength of words and hope.

At the time, her parents wanted to marry Evgenia with a Roman officer, Acylinas. Eugenia denied the suggestion of her parents and fled to another city. She was baptized a Christian and became a nun.

Years later, she went back home and everyone in her family accepted the new religion. The pagans tortured her father who adopted the new faith and asked Eugenia to get back to the pagan religion. When she denied they had her decapitated.

The Greek Church declared her a martyr and celebrates the nameday of Eugenia on December 24th.

Nicknames deriving from name Eugenia

Eugenia doesn’t have many nicknames or diminutives. The most common ones are Jenny, Eugenoula, Eugenitsa, Jennoula, Eugeniki.

The Names Fairy reveals the meaning of name Eugenia

Eugenia is a noble woman, with good manners and strong feelings. She is usually very fond of family and friends and she wants to have many people around her. She is a dynamic person, very dependable at work.

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  1. The actual meaning of this name is genteel, polite, kind, courteous, and mannerly. It comes from the word “eugenik/eugenia”, which means genteel/polite. Has no relation to “well born” If you take out the I Eugen(I)a then it would, because gena means birth in greek and genia means generation, therefore it could also mean good/well generation.


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